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What Clients Say about O’Sullivan Wright

“So often, leadership development focuses on solving problems and building skills for managing people and overlooks essential leadership awareness. UP gives us the opportunity to not just do better, but actually be better leaders for ourselves and our organizations.” —Ron Garrow, Group Executive, Human Resources, MasterCard

“The Leadership Pyramid gave me a new perspective on my personal goals, giving me a new path to a more significant role in life as a person seeking to reach others with more impact than ever before! I highly recommend this to anyone in a leadership role. You won’t be disappointed!” — Raina Avalon, V.P. Transportation, Family Dollar Stores

“Joan is an extraordinary coach who got me focused on areas of improvement that I never would have discovered on my own. I enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend continuing to use her.” — Wayne McChesney, Senior Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, Wachovia/Wells Fargo Transition

“By developing an action plan based on critical success factors and adhering to ground rules for success, I realized better, more effective results, an improved communication style and focused execution. I found her mentoring so successful and influential that I recommended Joan to coach my managers as well.”  — Kris Knopf, Second VP Business and Data Development, Transamerica Reinsurance

“The increasingly negative influences upon the practice of medicine by managed care and liability insurance companies, and government regulations caused me to become disillusioned with my career choice. Joan skillfully guided me on a self-reflective journey at the completion of which, I overwhelmingly reaffirmed my career decision. I clearly understand how my strengths, talents and values are satisfied in my career. I have a better understanding of how to best use my strengths in my administrative role. I have a newfound passion for my work and am a more relaxed administrator. I cannot imagine a more competent professional with whom to associate in the area of executive coaching.” — Joseph Holman, MD, CEO, Ashley’s Women’s Center

Joan facilitates a process that allows you to gain insights, create strategies and connect the dots for yourself to become increasingly effective in your work and fulfilled in your life. She knows how to ask “high gain” questions and listen well to the answers.  Her ability to provide candid feedback and to pull far more than I knew I had, gave me rapid results with far reaching consequences.” — Gail Angelo, President, Gail Angelo Coaching and Consulting

“Spa for the Soul was absolutely fabulous. The depth of the conversations, the openness, honesty, vulnerability, ‘possibilities’ were incredible and I gained so much from it all. Joan is a fabulous leader and inspiration to all of us and certainly gave me much pause to think about how I spend my day in the most purposeful way. Chené was unreal!  I told her I could listen to her forever.  Her accent, the way she spoke and her energy was magnificent.  What a team you are! What a sisterhood!” — Nancy Lynch, Participant in Spa for the Soul

“From application to execution, the coaches were able to establish immediate credibility in the pre-session coaching conversations through an obvious desire to serve. Their personalities, true intentions and extreme level of engagement and understanding set the tone for success. This is exactly what you look for in Executive Coaching.” — Andy Calhoun, President/CEO, YMCA of Greater Charlotte