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Out of the Box, Not off the Shelf

Are your programs enabling your people to be better problem-solvers, innovators or creators?  Is your team able to immediately apply learning in real situations for better results? Are your learning tools easy to use, easy to access and continually resourced because of their value by team members?

No matter the similarities within an industry or business model, every organization is a unique and complex enterprise. One size does not and should not fit all. Our astute ability to effectively devise solutions that will bring the very best outcomes to the forefront is why we have established a global reputation of credible effectiveness.

The proprietary programs and products we bring to clients enable us to provide a level of capability and competency that is targeted, relevant, effective and pertinent to your specific challenges, issues and initiatives.  We welcome the opportunity to customize and help you implement a leadership learning and professional development system which will reap significant short-term and long-term results.

  • Publications
    UP – Pursuing Significance in Leadership and Life, by Joan O. Wright
    Summit Advance Explorer’s Guide, by Joan O. Wright
  • Tools & Aids
    Three A’s Process Cards
    Significance Core Values Cards
    Climbers Map/Coaching Poster
    Values Pyramid Awareness Poster
  • Workshops
    Advancing Through Adversity
    Coaching Clinic®
    Kolbe TeamSuccess®  Seminar
    Spa for the Soul – Conversations That Matter
    Summit Advance Leadership Program