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Best Practices & Knowledge – Just A Click Away

O’Sullivan Wright is voracious in its commitment to bringing best practices and proven knowledge to our clients.  This Resource Section brings you information to further enhance your organization’s efforts to lead, manage and make a difference with significant results.

Every item in this section has been scrutinized and accepted for inclusion based on relevance and value to our clients. Peruse this section often for the best books, articles, insights, case studies and more on leadership, team building, organizational change, strategy alignment, performance, employee engagement, coaching and training.

Featured Resources:

UP – Pursuing Significance Excerpt
From founder, Joan O. Wright’s recently released book, UP – Pursuing Significance in Leadership and Life, this excerpt of pages 27 through 31 of Chapter One introduces the Summit Advance™ Leadership Development & Alignment Model.

ALARM “The Summit Advance” Case Study
The Summit Advance program brings Significance in Best Practices and Insights to 50 African leaders from eight countries to help transform their communities, bringing a unified strategy to life and into action.