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Targeted Learning for Engaged Advancement

Is training viewed as a job requirement instead of a company benefit? Are leadership and team members inspired initially, but then it quickly fizzles back to status quo? Is your training not achieving the desired performance and behavior expected?

Learning should be exciting, empowering, engaging and worth the effort as a result of what is gained in knowledge, personal and professional growth, understanding and abilities. Training is work and feels like a requirement instead of a benefit. This is what O’Sullivan Wright has found to be the secret to our effective approach with organizations in focusing on learning versus training.

This simple shift has helped:

  • employees embrace and look forward to advancing their skills, competency and contributions within their organization
  • organizations realize the power they possess when continuous learning is deemed essential and valued within their corporate culture
  • define and design learning initiatives to meet individual and organizationally targeted needs, initiatives, and goals

Engaged leaders, managers and employees are inspired by learning and what it will enable them to do for themselves, their department or unit and for the organization as a whole. From skills, behavior and career development to leadership and organizational development, we bring learning, advancement and performance together in a way no other company can.